October 2017 – June 2018
Chrome extension, hackathons, trainings

In collaboration with the Wikimedia Foundation.


Unbias is a creative commons project that seeks collaborative and like-minded supporters keen for systemic change and an egalitarian, inclusive culture to challenge western and androcentric hegemonies. The group consisted of ten students at the Royal College of Art from across disciplines in industrial design, visual communication, fine art and more. 

As gender and race bias is a well-known problem within higher education, our ambition is to join forces with academics, activists, and developers to improve ease of access to web-based information featuring women, people of colour, non-western origin and LGBTQIA+.

Unbias organized editathons, social events and trainings, such as the Wikipedia Editing Trainings with Stuart Prior, where people learned about how they could contribute in making Wikipedia more inclusive and representative.

Unbias started with EQUIwikiPEDIA, an initiative to create an online filtering device, together with the Wikimedia Foundation, for equality and active change making within academia and beyond.
During our first hackathon, we created a chrome extension that displays the percentage of reference to the various pronouns on a webpage (eg. Wikipedia), surfacing the material’s gender leanings through language. 

Social speaker event:

Wikipedia Editing Trainings

Boston, MA