Scratch Films / BioDesign Challenge           
Canon DSLR, Projectors, films

Exhibited at the Royal College of Art as part of the international Biodesign Challenge (2017) on the theme of Food.
A teaser made for our project Microsonic, a wearable device that listens to gut sounds to let people know more about their health.

The microbiomes effect on the host is a widely explored subject. The connection between gut bacteria and our health is broader and more complex, with imbalances of the microbiome being a potential cause in many illnesses, from obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety depression and alzheimer’s.

Microsonic is a non-invasive research method that allows the individual to listen, track and observe the gut over time. In collecting the sonic data produced by the digestive tract movements, we would be able to interpret and communicate with the microbiome sonically, possibly targeting selective regions of the gut and its bacteria, thus creating a highly personalised diagnostic and treatment solution.

The scratch film techniques were used to create the organic feeling for the microbes living inside our body.

Boston, MA