Philippe Apeloig posters           
Spring 2013
25'' x 34''
InDesign, Canon DSLR

Advised by Lucinda Hitchcock for Typography II in Spring 2013, Rhode Island School of Design.

The system:

A focus on the integration of typography, imagery and information at a large scale. I chose to research Philippe Apeloig, a French designer and typographer. In my process, I worked with nature and everyday objects based on a system that was loosely inspired by his style. The typographic experimentation presented his name by highlighting certain parts of the letters and dimming the remaining parts.

There are two posters (and a "system" layout) for this series. 

The first poster is for an exhibition.
Parts of the letters are debossed and the remaining parts are scored.
The second poster is for a lecture, keeping the same concept using flowers.

Boston, MA